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Airport Travel is Flying High Post Pandemic!
Blog  »  Airport Travel is Flying High Post Pandemic!

Airport Travel Post Pandemic

As vaccine rollout has been successful, and COVID-19 cases continue to fall, airport travel is increasing.  Similarly, 51% of people plan to travel post-covid, and 58% of people feel comfortable staying in a hotel. 95% of people still view their cars as the safest mode of travel and only 59% of people are comfortable on an airplane according to Mercury News. However, the 7.1 million people passing through TSA on Memorial Day weekend (Thursday-Monday) was the most since March of 2020. The 1.96 million people on that Friday were the most on a single day since the pandemic began, but that has since been broken by the 2.167 million on June 27th. 

Stefano Ricci MIA Airport Advertising

 During the pandemic, the TSA travel checkpoints totaled 215,645 on May 10th 2020, now, that number has increased to 1,657,722 passengers, and rising. Post pandemic, air travel has seen over 2 million passengers a day. Additionally, leisure travel has been rapidly increasing, affecting wait times and travel prices. 69% of these people plan to travel to a beach or lake and 50% plan to visit a national park. All airports are continuing to take precautions against COVID by enforcing masks and social distancing throughout the airport. 

Airport Advertising

As airports become busier, the average wait time for a flight increases as well. This dwell time allows for consumers to gaze throughout the airport and draw their attention to advertisements and brands. Airport advertising offers a variety of formats from digital screens located throughout the entire airport to impressive wall wraps that grab the attention of travelers. Airport advertising also allows brands to connect with consumers thereby growing reach and market share.

Source: OAAA


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