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Airport advertising is designed to target passengers travelling for both business and pleasure. Your target audience and geography will help determine both the media format and the specific terminal/s we may recommend. We offer solutions in most major markets ranging from general coverage to strategic placements in FBO’s (fixed based operators) and terminals like the Delta Shuttle.

The majority of our airport advertising work tends to fall within several major airports such as JFK, LaGuardia (LGA), Newark International, Miami, Chicago, Boston Logan and LAX as well as our local Westchester County Airport (HPN).

LAX Airport Advertising Digital Network Advertising Webull Campaign


Combining up-to-the-minute technology and unrivaled campaign flexibility, Digital Networks within airports typically comprise fully-digital, high definition LCD screens. Each unit is situated in head-on positions in order to guarantee that this premium advertising medium is seen by arriving and departing passengers throughout the airport. In some airports options allow for individual unit purchases while others require full networks.

JFK Airport Advertising

Harry Reid International Airport Digital Screen Advertising Yanmar Campaign


These backlit standard size (43’h x 62’w) displays are located throughout the terminals in arrivals, departures, and baggage claim, dominating key areas that have high passenger concentration. Advertisers can “own” an area of the airport or build full coverage campaigns directed to their target audience. This coverage approach guarantees maximum exposure and enhances the advertisers’ brand. When purchased in conjunction with other media platforms (e.g. wall wraps), audience reach is enhanced.


Dominate high-impact, high-traffic areas of an airport with big, bold statements printed on vinyl. These large-format advertising messages are digitally printed on a unique vinyl material that temporarily adheres to walls, windows or even floors, giving the illusion that they are part of the existing terminal structure. Wall Wraps are ideal for advertisers who want a large presence in the airport; floor and window wraps “surprise” passengers and make them take notice of a brand.

Haldirams Food Company EWR Airport Ads

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