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Combining up-to-the-minute technology and unrivaled campaign flexibility, Bus Advertising combines up-to-the-minute technology and unrivaled campaign flexibility. Bus advertising media formats include bus king, bus tail, double decker and bus interior posters. These media formats grasp the attention of active consumers of both vehicular and pedestrian traffic on their commute to and from work or to run daily errands. 

NYC Bus King Advertising



The cost for advertising on a bus varies by market but generally speaking it costs anywhere from $300-$500 per poster to be on the back of the bus and from $500-$700 to be on the side of the bus. In addition, there are also specialty sizes like full backs, super king and full wraps.


Bus Full Wraps combine the size of a billboard with market penetration and eye-level impact. Place Full Wraps on specific bus routes for extra targeted coverage. Double Decker Tour Bus Wraps offer high profile visibility while dominating the streets with coverage in the most popular areas. These impossible -to-miss buses are constantly stopping in high traffic areas including Time Square, Union Square and Grand Central Station.

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