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Books Belong OOH, Not Just In A Library!
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Million Dollar Identity Book Times Square AdvertisingWho Can Advertise Their Book?

Anybody can advertise. Outdoor ads are all about creating brand awareness for your products or services. Whether it’s a novel, biography or a collection of short stories, with OOH, you can reach potential readers for any type of book. In addition, whether you are a publisher or author, putting your name out there will help readers become more familiar with your work.

What are The Benefits of Advertising My Book?

Outdoor ads help gain traction towards websites, social media and physical locations of your products, in this case, a bookstore. 58% of people search for a website after viewing an outdoor ad. When putting up an ad for your own work, you can share what you want people to know about the book. An important thing to keep in mind is you are selling a story, not a book. In addition, you can add a little background about the story or even an intriguing question that the book answers. This will allow readers to better capture the concept of your book and further engage them in the story you are selling.

Most people pick up a book to escape the real world. Outdoor media offers the same, a full share of voice, meaning these aren’t those pesky ads that pop up on your screen. Outdoor ads are strategically placed in high traffic areas that target vehicular and pedestrian traffic. These placements allow you to reach your target market while they spend 70% of their time out of the home.

The Power of Social Media

Social media is becoming a powerful platform that can influence others to make purchases. OOH ads not only drive traction towards these platforms, but you can also share the images of your outdoor campaign on them. These posts give a wow factor and engage the viewer. Having strong and informational social media platforms allows people to view and share your profiles.

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