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Build YOUR Marketing Strategy with OOH!
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Rail Marketing Outdoor AdvertisingNot many people know where to start when it comes to Outdoor Advertising. At Inspiria Outdoor, our team specializes in building marketing strategies in order to reach your target audience with high frequency and meet your budget parameters. In addition, when building a marketing strategy, you want to ask yourself 5 questions, who, what, when, where and why.

WHO are you targeting?

Finding your target audience may not be as hard as it sounds. Think about who benefits most from the products or services you offer. Are you a College/University? Targeting students who are graduating High School would be the ideal target audience. Click here for help on How to Reach your Target Market with OOH.

WHAT are you advertising?

Are you looking to advertise an event, grand opening, a sale, or even just looking for general brand recognition? Knowing what you want to share with consumers will put you on the right track to finalize your marketing strategy. In addition, this will also help you determine the creative for your ad. 

WHEN are you advertising?

If this is in line with a grand opening or event, you may want to advertise prior to that set date to generate more of a buzz. However, depending on your overall goal of the campaign, there may not be a specific timing you want to advertise.

WHERE are you advertising?

Outdoor media is just that, outdoors! It can be found relatively anywhere. On your daily commute to work or traveling on vacation. To build a marketing strategy, ask yourself where you want your media to be placed. Do you want to advertise a block away and use directional signage to attract customers? Or do you want to advertise on the local bus system to capture a larger range of an audience? The possibilities are endless!

WHY are you advertising?

What is your overall goal of an outdoor campaign? To attract more customers? To gain more website visitors? To announce a new menu item? This may be an easy question to answer, however, it is the main part of a marketing budget. This will determine how you move forward with all the components of OOH.


Lastly, our team at Inspiria Outdoor is trained to analyze your business and formulate a marketing strategy that will best fit your business’ needs. Contact us today and we can get started working on your business marketing strategy together!

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