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Celebrate your Brand with OOH
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Event OOH Holiday Advertising

Local services, events and amusements are the top profitable industry in terms of OOH advertising. Making up 25.7% of total revenue in 2021, these industries are a hit with the everyday consumer. People are always looking for new sales or events to participate in. A great example is car sales during major holidays such as Labor Day. 36% of auto OOH ads share sales in relation to holidays. In the past year, 15 million residents in the US purchased a new vehicle.

An Event-Full season

Spring and summer are right around the corner and 85% of people are looking to travel and enjoy the outdoors. This makes OOH a prime media format to target these travelers and direct them to your event, goods, or services. OOH ads are a great way to promote any industry. 69% of OOH ads create awareness of a public event. Whether it’s a grand opening, festival/concert, or announcing a sale, OOH ads are beneficial for any type of event. These ads have many purposes depending on the event. With OOH, you can announce an event and gain traction towards your website and social media sites to boost sales. Another way OOH is beneficial for events is it can be use as directional signage to direct guests towards the event location. Lastly, you can share any information regarding the event such as times, locations, participants, or even a welcome message.

Enjoy the Holidays

Advertisements of events and holidays such as Mother’s Day, graduations, weddings, and concerts can be useful. Over 50% of consumers in cities with a population over 1 million find these types of ads helpful. Advertising your products or special promotions during these holidays can be beneficial to your brands exposure. For example, during Mother’s Day, 34% of consumers are looking to purchase flowers, in addition, find an OOH ad to assist them with this search. Back to school is also a great example of using a holiday to reach your target audience. Many schools and retail stores display ads during the back to school season. Whether it be a school displaying they are taking application or a retail store sharing their sales, many different industries can benefit from utilizing OOH ads during these busy holidays.

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