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Flash Mob In Times Square!
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This wild flash mob in Time Square was used to promote this summers upcoming film, You Married Dat??? This flash mob included many beautiful brides positioned in front of the bright billboard, dancing and recording videos for their social media pages. By combining a flash mob and digital billboard advertisements, this campaign was able to draw a large amount of attention to promote their film. For instance, Time Square has over 50 digital screens, ranging from 15,000 square feet too 20 stories high. This offers many opportunities to display your brand within the NYC Bowtie. The NYC Bowtie is one of NYC most visited tourist attraction, resulting in an average of 174 million pedestrians annually. Therefore, placing your brand on a Time Square billboard allows for large impressions.

You Married Dat Time Square Flash Mob

Photos credited to You Married Dat???


Any industry can utilize this form of advertising. Considered on of NYC’s most visited tourist attractions, the NYC Bowtie averages 174 million annual pedestrians. Therefore, placing your brand on a Time Square billboard allows for large impressions from tourists and local businesses. Displaying your brand on billboards that can reach 20 stories high not only provide physical impressions, but can also boost exposure on social media platforms. These campaigns can run anywhere from 30 minutes to a month. Time Square is one of the most recognized forms of advertisements. The value of sharing and utilizing these photos and videos more often outweigh the companies initial investment. Consumers notice OOH ads more than digital, therefore connecting the two formats can increase your brand exposure. 

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