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Have Skin in the Game with OOH!
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This summer, skin is in! One of the biggest beauty trends currently dominating the media is curating and sharing skincare regimes. From product reviews to daily routines, skincare is everywhere— including Times Square!

Why OOH For Your Beauty Brand?

Out of home advertising has the unique advantage of bypassing any algorithm and extending to an audience beyond feeds and screens. IFMNS and Revive Collagen placed their spectacular campaigns in the center of the city, advertising their luxury beauty products to both locals and tourists. Whether sky-high or street-side, Times Square advertising is one of the brightest ways to promote your brand in front of a diverse crowd!

Revive Collagen Times Square Digital Billboard Advertising Skin


The Power of Social Media

Times Square Advertising is one of the hottest and most efficient ways for brands to get recognition. Outdoor Ads can increase social media search by 40%. In addition, when OOH is paired with other media, it has the power to increase your reach by over 300%!

Social media is becoming a powerful platform that can influence others to make purchases. OOH ads not only drive traction towards these platforms, but you can also share the images of your outdoor campaign on them. These posts give a wow factor and engage the viewer. Having strong and informational social media platforms allows people to view and share your profiles. In addition, they also allow the viewer to become more familiar with your brand.


We at Inspiria Outdoor singularly focus on Outdoor Advertising. Our primary objective is to substantially increase a company’s brand recognition and exposure through strategic outdoor advertising placements. In addition, we are proud to guide our clients in providing the best outdoor media mix available to meet their budgets and strategic goals.

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