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Hollywood on the Hudson Takes Center Stage with OOH!
Blog  »  Hollywood on the Hudson Takes Center Stage with OOH!

Hollywood on the Hudson AdvertisingObjective

To raise awareness and attract audiences to the revitalized Yonkers Waterfront and the new Lionsgate Studio complex.


The City of Yonkers expanded its incentive to renovate its waterfront with the new 1 million square foot media complex, Lionsgate Studio, the largest modern film and TV production facility on the East Coast. The studio is yet another addition to the renaissance happening in Yonkers, where the expected 1000+ people working at the complex will benefit local businesses.


Thompson and Bender partnered with Inspiria Outdoor to launch a multimedia OOH campaign that included billboards and bus kings to raise the visibility of the city and position it as a place to do business. Under its umbrella campaign “Generation Y”, Hollywood on the Hudson took center stage as a marketing strategy to generate buzz surrounding the exciting opportunities in Yonkers. The Hollywood on the Hudson billboard campaign targeted high traffic areas in close proximity to the Yonkers Waterfront to attract nearby and local residents. To further expand its reach and audience, Hollywood on the Hudson deployed bus exterior king size posters that circulated throughout the neighboring Westchester towns and cities. 


Each billboard captured over 6 million impressions during the 52-week period, with a grand total of 12,771,668 impressions received. The exterior bus kings generated 10,041 daily impressions. With 25 units posted running over a course of 12 weeks, the bus kings captured 3,012,300 impressions.

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