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How Does OOH Benefit Real Estate Agents?
Blog  »  How Does OOH Benefit Real Estate Agents?

The real estate industry is one of the top users for Out Of Home advertisements. OOH can assist your company in building brand awareness to gain visibility and allow your neighbors to trust your brand. OOH advertisements for real estate agents are similar to a sign in front of a house for sale, However, outdoor ads can be strategically places in high traffic areas for long periods of time. These OOH ads can target a specific geographical location where your customers are located.

Gino Bello City Center White Plains Mall AdvertisingCompass Espaillat Team Bus Shelter Advertising

Outdoor advertising creates an eye catching and engaging experience for consumers. Unlike social media platforms, OOH can not be skipped or deleted which allows you to have a platform that is not shared with another company. Most real estate agents customize their advertisement with an image of themselves including their contact information and social media. In addition, this grabs the consumers attention and allows them to become more familiar with your company. By displaying your social media onto an OOH advertisement, this attracts consumers to view your social media profiles. Specifically, OOH ads for real estate agents allow consumers to become more aware and familiar with your company. 


Check out examples of our work with Real Estate clients here! 

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