Laughing At This Times Square Campaign!
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This Times Square Billboard displayed 200 ft of our funniest campaign. It is our honor at Inspiria to have assisted the Impractical Jokers and their production team by arranging this surprise to announce their newest member, Prince Herb. Displaying this hilarious creative over the most populated tourist attraction in NYC allowed for thousands of consumers to witness the iconic prank. Times Square The One Impractical Jokers Billboard Advertising

The NYC Bowtie occupies only 0.1% of New York, however, it generates 10% of the City’s economic output. In addition, high income and educated young professionals make up 53% of residents. These residents are mobile and progressively early adopters with cutting-edge retail preferences. 47% of Times Square visitors continue to share on social media after their visit. For instance, many brands take a photo in front of their advertisement to post on their social media platforms. The value of sharing and utilizing these photos out way the original impressions made with the advertisement. The combination of outdoor and digital advertising boost your brands exposure 4 times more than using one of these formats. 

Inspiria Outdoor is singularly focused on Outdoor Advertising. Our primary objective is to substantially increase a company’s brand recognition and exposure through strategic outdoor advertising placements. Additionally, we are proud to guide our clients and agency partners in providing the best outdoor media mix available to meet their budgets and strategic goals anywhere in the country. 

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