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Local Community Celebrates Restaurant Month in White Plains!
Blog  »  Local Community Celebrates Restaurant Month in White Plains!

White Plains BID City Center Advertising

The White Plains BID used a combination of media formats to grab the attention of consumers. This campaign using bus shelter and mall advertising brightly displays the celebration of restaurant month in downtown White Plains. By blending media formats together, they are able to amplify their message to the White Plains community to create a stronger impact.

 The shopping mall is one of the most dynamic environments anywhere and often the most frequently visited destinations in communities. With 90% of the population visiting a mall each month, mall advertising  offers clients unparalleled advertising presence in Westchester County. The City Center Mall consists of over 300,000 sq. ft. of retail that draws residents from lower Westchester County. The mall hosts tenants such as Stop & Shop, Nordstrom Rack, Target, Barnes and Noble and a the National Amusements 15 Movie Theatre. 

White Plains BID Bus Shelter Advertising


Bus shelter advertising is an efficient way to target both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. This media format allows you to reach commuters on their way to work or while they are running daily errands. Although White Plains population count is over 55,000 residents, the city can see nearly 200,000 a week. These bus shelter and City Center mall advertisements draw attention from residents, business people, and shoppers to their prominent advertisement.



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