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NYC is No Stranger to OOH!
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Times Square  NYC AdvertisingAbout NYC

Referred to as “The Big Apple”, New York City is a melting pot of culture. NYC is a collection of neighborhoods, including, Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island. In addition, it is considered the gateway to North America as many immigrants first sign into this country was the Statue of Liberty. NYC has an increasing population of over 8 million residents, therefore, making it the most international city in the U.S.

Special Attractions

NYC is one of the top destinations for tourists. In addition to the large amount of culture and history the city has to offer, there are also new modern attractions. This variety allows New York City to connect to people of any age and ethnicity. NYC is home to some of the top sports teams, including the NY Yankees, NY Mets, NY Giants and NY Jets. Other popular attractions include the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, and Central Park.

Popular Media Formats

Times Square billboards are one of the top formats in NYC. In addition, this is a very popular tourist attraction that delivers millions of impressions daily. Other formats such as the NYC Subway, street furniture, buses, and large scale wallscapes are significant media types as well.


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