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OOH is the New Fashion Statement!
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OOH is equivalent to the runaway for the fashion industry. It allows brands and influencers to display their products while targeting a specific demographic or geographical area. Whether its during Fashion Week or for the launch of a new collection, these companies can utilize OOH ads year round. Consumers are more likely to purchase from a company if they have heard the name before. Therefore, OOH will increase the exposure of the brand, while boosting visibility to consumers. Most of these brands utilize digital media to reach their target market. However, “Consumers worldwide are experiencing digital fatigue from too much screen time during the pandemic” (Vouge Business). 75% of consumers are tuning out digital device advertising according to OAAA.

Adidas Fashion OOH Billboard Advertising

You maybe asking, how does the digital burnout affect the fashion industry? Most fashion bands are looking to target either Gen Z or Millennials. 60% of Gen Z and 58 % of Millennials notice OOH more than digital. When utilizing OOH, it encourages customers to visit the brands store or website. OOH offers a large scale advertisement for any size company. Fashion is all about making a statement, so why not make a statement with outdoor advertising. Additionally, there are multiple media formats that can assist fashion brands in reaching their target audience. Media formats can be used to target high fashion areas such as SoHo in NYC. 

Take a look at our work to see brands like yours using OOH!

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