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Outdoor Media Types > Place Based & Specialty


Bars and restaurants are high-traffic social environments, making them ideal locations for strategic brand engagement. Whether your target consumers are sharing a meal at a family-friendly restaurant or enjoying a happy hour drink with co-workers, creative advertising placements expose audiences to your campaign in the midst of a fun and positive atmosphere. Formats include posters, drink coasters, table tents and more – offering several possibilities towards building awareness and recognition.


National trends towards fitness and wellness overall are only gaining steam, which means advertising directly to this upscale and active audience is more important than ever. With media placements located throughout main corridors as well as near high-traffic amenities such as locker rooms and water fountains, campaigns are well-situated for optimum visibility.


Place your brand front-and-center for game time, whether inside or outside, at some of the nation’s top sports arenas. With thousands of fans pouring into the seats for each event, and even more viewers watching from bars and homes across the country, stadium signage is a strategic home-run in terms of mass exposure. Media formats vary by location – dasher boards, digital, static, etc. – but what does not vary is the sheer impact delivered through this inescapably visible type of advertising. The stadiums we focus on are Yankee Stadium, Citi Field and the Barclays Center.


Take your brand to where the people are by advertising at a growing network of gas stations and convenience stores that reach nearly every zip code, state, and market nationwide. Reaching commuters, tourists and all other types of traffic, these strategic locations provide multiple opportunities for engaging busy consumers in a crowded marketplace. Gas pump toppers, ice chest displays and front window posters are just a few of the options involved in these prime roadside venues.


On campus media is a great way to target students. From traveling between classes, meals, study hall and campus jobs, students are always on the move. By utilizing on campus media such as posters, newsstands, and bus advertising, you can target a variety of schools to reach students and draw awareness to your brand.

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