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Post Covid OOH Traveling Trends
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Goodbye DigitalPocono Travel Destination OOH Advertising

Post Covid, many people are planning to travel outside of their home during the summer and the months to come. Consumers are on a digital strike. They are limiting their usage of digital devices such as smart phones and televisions. Over 90% of adults ages 18-29 own a smartphone and approximately 82% of the US population uses social media. Digital advertisements are often looked passed or deleted by the average consumer. However, when utilizing outdoor advertising, it can drive over 4x more social/digital activation per ad dollar spent than other media.

Traveling Trends

As people have been restricted to where they can travel, the desire to explore has never been greater. 51% of consumers plan to travel as they did pre-covid. 69% of consumers plan to travel to the beach and 46% plan to visit a resort or fair. Check out a previous blog to see how the iconic Hamptons Beach advertising can benefit your business. In addition, airport travel is increasing popularity once again as 68% of consumers in cities with a population of 1M+ are comfortable with traveling by airplane.

Using OOH to reach travelers

How do you target these travelers? 71% plan to use a car to get to their desired destination. Using OOH media such as billboards or bus advertising will give your brand visibility and exposure to reach these travelers. Supermarket advertising is another great way to target consumers. 46% of the US population visit the grocery store each week. Out of that 46%, they spend an average of 40 minutes per visit. This is 40 minutes of staring at your brand placed throughout the grocery store. Airport advertising is another media format that can target these travelers. These advertisements can be placed anywhere in the airport, allowing your brand to be viewed during the high dwell time of 15 to 30 minutes.


Source: OAAA

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