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Put Outdoor Ads on your Holiday Shopping List!
Blog  »  Put Outdoor Ads on your Holiday Shopping List!

Ski Barn Retail Shopping Outdoor AdvertisingThe holidays are coming faster than you think. According to OAAA 38% of people plan to do their holiday shopping in the month of November. Since this is a prime time for people to shop, this the perfect time to use Outdoor Advertising for your brand.

Why should I market my brand?

Marketing is an important part of any business as this creates a connection between your brand and the customer. Marketing allows you to advertise your services and products to generate more leads and allow people to become familiar with your business. Out of all the people heading to a store, 60% notice an outdoor ad. Among all the advertisements during the holiday season, 75% of shoppers find ads about savings to be more relevant to them.  In addition, this also allows your brand to be shared with others, whether its by word of mouth or through social media.

What type of marketing should I use?

Almost half of consumers state that OOH ads impact their in-store purchases. Advertising online with Google Ads or through social media may help increase your sales. However, when combined with other formats, Outdoor Advertising can increase reach by over 300%. In addition, over 80% of social media users have seen a post about an OOH ad on Instagram and Facebook. Out of these users, millennials are most likely to share and repost these ads. 87% of consumers want to see value or savings advertised during this holiday season.

Why start shopping now?

Building a relationship with your customers takes time. Starting the process is as easy as displaying a billboard near your target market over a long period of time. This offers customers the ability to get to know you even before the Holiday shopping starts, increasing the odds they trust your products over others.  Also, no one likes to be a last-minute shopper. Putting your brand up first will ensure you are on the shopping list this season. Get the ball rolling now to ensure you land prime locations for your OOH ad.


Source: OAAA

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