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Outdoor Media Types > Street Furniture


Street Furniture can deliver mass exposure or be targeted to reach a specific demographic audience or geographic area. With this form of advertising, you can display your brand either targeting a specific location or placed on a high traffic street. Overall impressions are substantial as these ads can be viewed by both pedestrian, motorists and vehicular traffic due to their curb side positioning along main roadways. Street furniture ads provide eye level coverage to you target city 24/7.

Some popular forms of Street Furniture include Bus Shelters, NYC News Stands, Phone Kiosks, and Urban Panels


Advertising your products and services on bus shelters provides your business with a prime audience of potential buyers, long-term recognition, immediate brand awareness, and high profile exposure near point-of-purchase locations.

NYC Bus Shelter Advertising

Newsstand Advertising WNET Campaign


Advertising your products and services on newsstands in NYC can provide your business with a high profile exposure in the bustling streets of NYC.These posters are large and highly visible from multiple angles. This would be a great alternative to bus shelter advertising.


Positioned on top of subway entrances and exits, Urban Panels are the most dominant and vibrant street-level displays in New York City—allowing an unrivaled connection between your message and multiple audiences.

Urban Panel Advertising

Solar Recycling Kiosk Advertising


Solar Kiosk Advertising provides coverage to both pedestrians and motorists alike, unobstructed messaging 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and the ability to target demographically and geographically throughout by selecting individual locations to place your message. Best purchased in clusters, these are tried and true in some key areas like New York’s financial district and Chicago’s Michagan Avenue.

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