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Outdoor Media Types > Supermarket and Pharmacy Advertising


Supermarkets and Pharmacy’s are high-traffic environments that are ideal for strategic advertising placement and brand engagement. 80% of supermarket and pharmacy customers live within 3 miles of the location, allowing your brand to target neighborhoods personally. Prominently positioned throughout the store, supermarket and pharmacy advertising allows for high dwell time and brand exposure.


Supermarket advertising is a great way to reach consumers while they are shopping or waiting in line or traveling throughout the store. Supermarket advertising consists of Shopping Carts that travel with the customer throughout the store, Brand Bars placed at the registers, and Welcome Center Banners located at the entrance of the store. These strategically placed media offer high dwell times and mass exposure to consumers.

Pharmacy Sanitizing Kiosk Advertising


Sanitizing Kiosk advertising is a great way to captures consumers who live in this tight area allowing clients to target to the neighborhood’s personality. High dwell time with message, up to 10 minutes while patients wait in line or for their prescriptions. Surround the shopping experience with your message prominently positioned at the entrance/exit and near registers and pharmacy lines with pharmacy advertising.

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