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Supermarket Advertising Increases Brand Exposure
Blog  »  Supermarket Advertising Increases Brand Exposure

Hiding in plain sight is a powerful advertising platform for small businesses: supermarket advertising. Shoppers live only a few miles away and are exposed to your message multiple times a week. 

Brand Exposure

On average, 20,000 shoppers visit the grocery store every week, meaning 20,000 prospective customers viewing your brand while they shop. 46% of the US population visit the grocery store each week. Out of that 46%, they spend an average of 40 minutes per visit. This is 40 minutes of staring at your brand placed throughout the grocery store. 

Location Targeting

Supermarket advertising provides localized exposure, allowing you to target your potential customers repeatedly. Your small business primarily serves in and around your community. Make the most of your advertising budget by ensuring your ads are targeting your most likely customers. In addition, grocery stores draw in customers from such a small distance of a 3.9 mile radius. This allows you to target your audience better than zip codes. 

Be Seen

People might not go through their mail, open a newspaper, or click on a web ad, however, they will definitely look at their grocery store shopping cart or welcome center advertisement. How great are those ads that pop up on the screen while you are reading?! Am-I-rite? Grocery store advertising is a natural part of the shopping experience, by placing the ad just inches from the shopper’s fingertips, grocery store advertising is always there, but never annoying.

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Persistent Exposure

Above all, familiarity builds trust and repetition which is key to remembering anything. By being visible in your community over time, you will be recognizable. People will feel like they know you already. An annual supermarket advertising campaign allows you to “speak” to your customers multiple times a week, creating the repeated exposure you need. What is one thing you want your prospects to know after reading your ad? Maybe its that your real estate agency was born and bred in the town you are serving. Or maybe your healthcare office features short wait times. Share one obvious message with your prospects to establish credibility, build trust, and lead them to take action when they need your service. 

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