Supermarket Launches Multi-Media Hiring Campaign!
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With over 100 locations across the east coast, LIDL Supermarket launches a multi media and multi market hiring campaign. By utilizing a combination of bus exteriors, billboards, and rail advertising, LIDL was seen throughout multiple states. They launched this campaign in North Carolina, South Carolina, Long Island NY and throughout Maryland. Therefore, increasing LIDL’s exposure and drawing attention to their message. In addition, LIDL Supermarkets follow the East Coast from Georgia to New York, allowing this campaign to target some major OOH markets. 

LIDL Multi Media Advertising

This campaign utilized bus advertising media formats that include bus king and bus tail size posters. These media formats grasp the attention of consumers of both vehicular and pedestrian traffic on their daily commute. This media format allowed for LIDL supermarket to reach a wide range of consumers based on a specific geographical location. Rail platform advertising allowed them to target a specific LIRR station. These displays not only reach the individuals on the platform, but the people inside the train who are looking out the window. This media form provides high frequency coverage of a very upscale audience. Lastly, the use of billboards offers an enormous creative canvas which will make a major impact in that specific market.

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