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Swim Across America raises record-breaking funds to fight cancer!
Blog  »  Swim Across America raises record-breaking funds to fight cancer!

Swim Across America makes a splash and raises awareness with Metro North rail advertising. The Open Water Swim and Long Island Sound Pool Swims have raised record-breaking funds to fight cancer! The Long Island Sound Swim has been raising money for cancer research, prevention and treatment since 1992. It was, and still is, dedicated to the memory of Kathy Webers – forever in our hearts. The Long Island Sound Swim just celebrated its 27th year and continues to be the largest of all the SAA events with their signature open water swim along with eight pool swim options throughout July and August. This open water course takes place at Larchmont Yacht Club start to Larchmont Shore Club finish, making your way along the shore. Thanks to all the Swim Across America swimmers that participated in the 10K, 5K or 2K swim options this year and helped raise $1,031,161 to “Make Waves to Fight Cancer.”

Metro North Rail platform advertising represents an excellent way to position your business in front of the affluent suburban commuter, each and every day. These displays not only reach the individuals on the platform, but the people inside the train who are looking out the window. This media form provides high frequency coverage of a very upscale audience while offering the ability to target geographically by placing ads only at the specific stations which target your consumer.

Inspiria is an outdoor advertising agency focusing on everything from airports, buses, commuter rail, subway, taxi and specialty media.

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