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The City CENTER of White Plains!
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Berkeley College City Center White Plains Large Digital DisplayAbout White Plains:

Known as the 11th largest city in New York State, White Plains has a population of over 59,000 people. In addition, it is known as the commercial hub for Westchester, offering something for everyone. This list includes restaurants, job opportunities, retail stores, and more activities for the residents of Westchester to enjoy.

About The City Center Mall:

Opened in 2003, the City Center Mall is the center of White Plains. People from all over Westchester visit the mall at least twice a week. The mall contains a movie theatre, grocery store, Target, Barnes and Nobles, and other retail stores to attract residents. With over 200,000 weekly visitors, the City Center Mall has heavy foot traffic, making this a prime location to advertise your brand.

One City Place City Center White Plains Large Lightbox DisplayCity Center Mall Advertising:

The City Center Mall as multiple advertising opportunities to choose from. Digital screens, large and small lightbox displays, and elevator wraps are a few of them. When advertising in the City Center Mall, you will reach consumers during a high dwell time and are able to highly target these shoppers with your brand. In addition, the City Center offers multiple services that attract a variety of locals. When placing your brand in this popular White Plains mall, you not only reach residents of White Plains, but people throughout Westchester County.

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