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Tips For A Creative Outdoor Ad
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All Arts Creative Highway Billboard AdvertisingOne of the most important aspects of an OOH ad is the creative. This is how you are getting your message across and displaying your brand in front of thousands. Below are some design tips to help ensure your OOH creative captures your audience.

Get To The Point

Most of these OOH ads are viewed by busy commuters who are short on time or in a rush. Therefore, displaying a short but to the point message to draw them in will gain more traction than an add with heavy amounts of text.

Stand Out

Sometimes adding a funny image, asking a question, or catchy tagline will attract more eyes to your advertisement. Be creative, keep up with current trends or tell a choke that applies to your industry.  In addition, a fun call to action will become more memorable to the audience and allow for a conversation starter. No one remembers a dull ad.

Choose Your Font Wisely

Make sure your font is large enough to be visible but small enough to have empty space on the ad. Although you want the viewer to be able to read your ad with ease, you also dont want them to become overwhelmed with large text.

Use the Appropriate Colors

Using contrasting colors will allow your ad to stand out and become more noticeable to the naked eye. It is important to be aware of your ads placement. For example, if your ad is in a city surrounded by grey/dull buildings, a bright and colorful ad will definitely pop. If your ad is located on a major highway surrounded by trees, it is important to have colors that contrast with green, not green itself. In addition this will make the ad blend in with the environment and get lost to the audience.

Include The Correct Information

While making sure not to overwhelm the viewer with text, it’s also crucial to include your brands information. Whether it be your phone number, address, or website, let people know who you are. QR Codes have proven to be effective in sharing this information and more without taking up space on your creative. With a  simple scan and click, the consumer can have all of your information at their fingertips.

Now you have everything you need to design a marvelous advertisement. What are you waiting for? Let’s see your creative skills in action and contact us today!

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