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Top 10 OOH Markets By Ad Spend
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Top 10 OOH Market Ad Spend

OOH advertising is available in multiple markets not only across the U.S., but worldwide. The amount of ad spend in a specific market can be determined by several factors. One factor being the population size. If a particular market has a high population count, more businesses will place there advertisement within that market, therefore, allowing you to reach a greater amount of consumers. In addition to population size, the tourist attractions also determine where a business might advertise. New York is a great example. Over 350,000 people enter Time Square each day, making this famous NYC tourist attraction a popular location for any business to advertise. To the right is a list of the top 10 markets. This chart shows the amount of money spent on OOH advertising within that market in the year 2019.


Another factor to determine where you place your OOH advertisement is your target market. Check out a previous blog about How To Reach Your Target Market. Determining where your target market is located will assist in determining which market to reach. Outdoor advertising, otherwise known as Out of Home advertising offers one of the lowest CPM’s (cost per thousand impressions) of all advertising formats. It delivers exposure in a very busy world where consumers spend over 70% of their time outside of the home. It delivers both mass reach options such as highway billboards and subways to very targeted tactical options such as commuter rail, and street furniture. When combined with other media formats, outdoor advertising can increase reach by over 300% making it a must for most brands.


Source: OAAA 

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