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Top OOH Advertising Trends of 2020!
Blog  »  Top OOH Advertising Trends of 2020!

Trends appear year after year throughout any industry. Regarding OOH, below we discuss the top advertising trends within the following categories: industry and company.

Industry Breakdown Ad Spend 2020


In 2020, the most common industry to utilize outdoor advertising is the amusements and miscellaneous local services industry. These types of advertisements resulted in a total of $1,506,321.2 ad spend in the year of 2020. This industry is at the top of the list due to the COVID-19 pandemic as many people wanted to make consumers aware of their services to stay in business and assist the community.



Based on reports from OAAA, in 2020, the top 3 companies who utilized OOH was McDonalds, Apple, and Geico. McDonald’s advertisements mostly consist of directional signage, leading hungry consumers from major highways to the nearest restaurant location. They also utilize OOH to showcase any new products or seasonal items they are adding to their menu. Many large household companies such as McDonalds and Apple continue to utilize OOH advertisements to increase visibility and consistency, therefore, boosting their brand. 


Outdoor advertising, otherwise known as Out of Home advertising offers one of the lowest CPM’s (cost per thousand impressions) of all advertising formats. It delivers exposure in a very busy world where consumers spend over 70% of their time outside. It delivers both mass reach options such as highway billboards to very targeted tactical options such as and street furniture. When combined with other media formats, outdoor advertising can increase reach by over 300% making it a must for most brands.




Source: OAAA

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