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What’s in Store for 2024 Outdoors!
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Atlas Adjustments Times Square BillboardAs the new year approaches, you may ask yourself, what is new with outdoor in 2024? Our experts at Inspiria Outdoor are here to offer some insight into potential advertising trends for your 2024 campaign.

As the world changes, so does OOH

With the constant change of the world, consumers are becoming more cautious of their actions and how they affect the world. Ultimately, this leans them to more sustainable brands and products. When an ad shares how the company is taking action to help the world, people value this information. In addition, they often use it as a deciding factor of what products or services to use.

AI is the new craze

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) programs continue to grow, many marketers are finding AI’s value in their own campaigns and strategies. AI is an effective tool that can be used to generate creative advertisements with both images and words by following prompts designed to craft a more personalized
ad to cater toward your target audience.

Social Media will alter consumers decisions

It is common knowledge that social media is huge part of certain people’s lives. It is where they can connect with people, share the news, find new products, or discover a new restaurant. Consumers also rely on influencers to determine what products or establishments they will be interacting with. Not only has sharing OOH ads on social media increased in 2023, but influencers are commonly seen sharing images of their OOH ads on their socials.

Lets get Digital!

As AR and VR technologies are becoming more sophisticated and the rise of digital OOH usage is increasing, advertisers may test out these video capabilities. With this change in technology, brands can engage with consumers in greater ways by making one of a kind OOH ad.

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