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Who Let The Dogs Out of Home?
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Dogtopia MN Platform out of home Advertising

Dogtopia launched a Metro North out of home campaign to promote their dog friendly services. Dogtopia has over 100 locations across the country. They offer spa, daycare and boarding services for your dogs. They displayed a variety of rail platform posters at multiple stations along the MN New Haven Line. Some of these stations include Stamford, South Norwalk and New Rochelle. 

By utilizing multiple out of home formats at a variety of locations, Dogtopia can increase their visibility. In addition to reaching the daily commuter waiting for their train, the passengers inside the train passing by these stations can view these ads as well. Rail platform advertising represents an excellent way to position your business in front of the affluent suburban commuter. This media form provides high frequency coverage of a very upscale audience. In addition, it offers the ability to target geographically by placing ads only at the specific stations.

We at Inspiria Outdoor singularly focus on Outdoor Advertising. Our primary objective is to substantially increase a company’s brand recognition and exposure through strategic outdoor advertising placements. In addition, we are proud to guide our clients in providing the best outdoor media mix available to meet their goals. In other words, whichever media format you chose, Inspiria is your partner in outdoor advertising. For this reason, we are proud to have experts on staff to guide you each step of the way from planning to execution. 

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