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Why Healthcare Providers Choose Outdoor Advertising!
Blog  »  Why Healthcare Providers Choose Outdoor Advertising!

For the healthcare industry, Out of Home advertisements are a great way to reach new and current patients. Healthcare advertising provides directional signage that guides consumers to your location. These allow you to display your services to inform patients and allow them to become more familiar with your company. Statistically, 63.6% of patients who have seen a billboard visited an urgent care center.  OOH gives you the platform to draw awareness to important information such as research, viruses, or new treatments that benefit patients.

St Mary's Digital Billboard Advertising

During this COVID-19 outbreak, healthcare companies turned to outdoor advertising to share information on how to prevent the spread of the virus. Healthcare providers displayed advertisements that they are clean, safe and ready to provide excellent care. They also informed patients of the common symptoms to look out for, as well as encouraged them to get tested. Showing consumers your facility is open for testing is a great form of directional advertising. Unlike digital advertisements, outdoor advertising can not be deleted or skipped. Large formats allow you to strategically place these advertisements in high traffic areas where it will catch the eye of consumers. Outdoor advertising allows you to target your local consumers and provide directional signage towards your location. 

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