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Apple Cinemas Brings the Movies to White Plains!
Blog  »  Apple Cinemas Brings the Movies to White Plains!

Swim Across America City Center Mall

In October 2023, the popular City Center 15 movie theater located in the heart of White Plains closed after nearly 18 years! Therefore, this limited the number of visitors to the City Center Mall as this was one of the biggest movie theaters in the area.

Fast forward to May 2024, the movies are coming back to White Plains! Apple Cinemas purchased the empty space and is now open. Apple Cinemas is a company based in Walpole, Massachusetts. They opened their first theater in 2013 and now have 11 theaters in the Northeast!

The City Center Mall typically attracts over 200,000 visitors weekly, which is steadily increasing as the summertime is around the corner. With popular stores like Target, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom Rack, ShopRite and more, this makes the mall a prime location to advertise your brand. There are a variety of advertising options at the mall, which include:

Digital Screen Advertising

These 98” digital screens are located on the first, second and third floor of the mall. In addition, this allows the advertisers to reach a variety of consumers, no matter what their shopping destination is.

Abbott House City Center Mall AdvertisingLarge/Small Lightbox Advertising

Static ad panels make a bold statement, with prime locations in high traffic corridors and court areas. These dominant static displays offer premium visibility within the midst of mall visitor traffic. As patrons duck in and out of stores, your brand is placed in their direct line of sight. 

Showcase Display Advertising

These posters are spread throughout the corridor right outside of ShopRite. Connecting one entrance of the mall to the other, this makes for a great way to target any shopper.

 Contact us today to put your brand in front of the average shopper and the consumers the new Apple Cinemas is attracting to the City Center Mall!

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