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Buon Appetit! Outdoor Ads Are A Treat!
Blog  »  Buon Appetit! Outdoor Ads Are A Treat!

Cravin Jamaican City Center Outdoor AdvertisingDue to the pandemic, which is far behind us, consumers are looking to get outdoors and strive for that “normal” life. Restaurants are a staple in any town and people ae always looking for something new to try. 

Which Restaurants Can Advertise?

Any food establishment can advertise their business with ooh ads. From local mom & pop shops to large fast-food chains, OOH can benefit them all. Have you ever taken a road trip and passed a billboard for Cracker Barrel? What do you see on the ad itself? Typically, they show a mouthwatering image of a popular or new menu item. In addition, most of the billboards have directional signage showing you which exit to take, guiding you to their establishment. This is a great example of knowing your target market. A majority, if not all, of their billboards are located on major highways to attract these travelers. After many years of advertising, Cracker Barrel is a staple, or as some would say, a must have stop during their journey.

Why should you utilize OOH for your restaurant?

According to a study from OAAA, 67% of people made a purchase at the restaurant after seeing an outdoor ad. In addition, half of these people placed an order at the establishment with their mobile device. OOH ads are a great way to generate foot traffic as well. It is almost guaranteed that if one person enters your restaurant, they will share their experience either in social media or by word of mouth. Outdoor ads will not only encourage people to dine at your establishment but create the domino effect.

What do you include in an ad for a restaurant?

Regarding outdoor advertising, for any industry, you should always include your contact information and location so people can find you easily. These ads are not just about reaching your target market but knowing what our target market is looking for. According to OAAA, 42% of consumers are more interested in seeing the cost of the product being shown. 39% of consumers want to see new product offerings. Whether it is a permanent product or a seasonal offering, it is beneficial to show consumers what your restaurant has to offer in order to engage the viewer. By sharing more of what you have to offer, it will encourage consumers to view your restaurants website and social media to learn more. Click here to see more ways to make a prominent outdoor ad.

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