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Outdoor Advertising Grows Tremendously in the Digital World!
Blog  »  Outdoor Advertising Grows Tremendously in the Digital World!
Outdoor Advertising is the only traditional media channel that is expected to grow tremendously in the digital world we are living in today!

According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA):

  • 68% of consumers are utilizing Outdoor Advertisements when they are outside and on the go.
  • Outdoor Advertisements increases media search results by 40%.
  • 66% of US travelers take action on their smartphones after they are exposed to Outdoor Advertisements.
Outdoor Advertising drives over 4x more social/digital activation per ad dollar amount spent than any other media format! The world’s leading technology brands are big believers in Outdoor Advertising. For example, Facebook examined the results of a recent Facebook/Outdoor Advertisement campaign. This campaign was run by Danone, which sought to reach new buyers for its French organic yogurt. Danone used Outdoor Advertisements and Facebook ads for its campaign. According to Facebook, “Combining Outdoor Advertisements and Facebook ads can really help influence younger consumers and reach niche target markets.” “When comparing different approaches, we realized that using both Facebook ads and Outdoor Advertisements worked best – with the combined impact proving to be 13% more efficient than expected.” Outdoor Advertising

Source: “Global FMCG-Food and Beverage Consumer Journey Study” by Accenture (Facebook-commissioned)

In conclusion, consumers are more likely to engage with a mobile advertisement when they are exposed to the same Outdoor Advertisement. Read more about this study here!

The Outdoor Advertising industry has increased 7% in 2019.

As the last quarter of the year begins, it is important to know that companies such as Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google have profited over double the amount they spent on Outdoor Advertisements last year. According to Nicole Randall OAAA Communications Senior Director, Twitter has also increased their spending amount on Outdoor Advertisements. As a result… Inspiria is an outdoor advertising agency focusing on everything from airports, buses, commuter rail, subway, taxi and specialty media. Make sure to check out how the world’s most valuable brands utilize Outdoor Advertisements today:
8 out of the 10 World’s Most Valuable Brands are Using Out of Home Advertising…
Source is Nicole Randall OAAA Communications Senior Director
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